Flint Mayor Karen Weaver had kind words for Emily Sioma after her comments during the Miss America pageant Sunday.

Miss Michigan boldly donated the time she was given to introduce herself to the people of Flint and Michigan citing her home state as having "84% of the United States' fresh water but none for its residents to drink." In case you missed it, check out the clip here.

"For her to take that opportunity and use that platform and to use her voice to speak up about what's going on in Michigan and in Flint, in particular, was just amazing and I applaud her," Mayor Weaver said in a video she sent to TMZ. "And it also shows you that she's not a selfish person because she was putting the people first."

Weaver went on to say that her office will try to reach out to Sioma and hopes she gets the opportunity to thank her in person.

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