This man has more willpower than about 99% of the rest of us.

Mark Baldwin is a Flint resident who has a hoop house next to his ACTUAL house, where he grows a garden all year round. Last August, his tomato plants were destroyed and the back of his hoop house was set on fire by vandals.

He's also had his house shot at and his tires slashed. They stole his furnace, his camera equipment, etc. In short, the vandalism is ongoing.

His friends suggested that maybe it's time to move, but Mark said NO. He teaches local neighborhood kids in his garden, and he says that they don't have a choice - THEY can't move, so he's not gonna move. Instead, he's fighting back...with kindness.

He's placed signs outside of his house that say, "you are loved." He said, instead of fighting back, he wants to send a message of love and encouragement.

I'm sure that a lot of people will poo-poo his methods, but I say GOOD FOR HIM. We need more people like Mark in the world.

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