Some lists are great to make, others, not so much. The latest list to feature Flint, Michigan isn't one anyone wants to be on.

Orkin released its Top 50 Most Rat-Infested Cities List a few months ago and three Michigan cities found themselves high on the list of rodent issues. According to CBS News, the well-known pest control company compiled the list from data collected from September 15, 2020, to September 15, 2021.

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Orkin pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic did add some insult to injury in the rat department. The company says the number of restaurant closures forced rats to find new food sources as well as new homes. All this drove up the overall number of rodent sightings.

So how did Michigan cities do when it came to rat problems? Flint, Grand Rapids, and Detroit all made the list with the 'D' making the infamous Top Ten. The Michigan rankings looked like this;

Detroit #10-

"Detroit spends up to $300,000 a year on rat-elimination efforts, including handing out free poison traps to residents", according to CBS News. 

Grand Rapids #32-

"Grand Rapids apparently has made progress on the rat front: It dropped three spots, from No. 29, in the latest Orkin rankings", CBS reported. 

Flint #34-

"In April 2022, when Flint approved a plan to demolish some 2,400 abandoned homes and businesses, the city's mayor warned about the project leading to displaced rat colonies", said CBS News

Yes, it looks bad, we know, but it could be worse. At least we're not Chicago. The Windy City took the top spot once again for "The Most Rat Infested City in America". Just how bad is it? According to reports, for almost a decade, a local humane society in Chicago has attempted to tame the rat problems by placing 10 to 15 feral cats in neighborhoods every month. Meow.

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