Maybe it's his hot dogs that are keeping the protests peaceful?

At the Justice for George Floyd rally at city hall in downtown Flint on Monday, I saw two things that you don't usually see, well, anywhere - free food and free water.

Mayor Tim Bishop of Davison is the owner of B Dogs Hot Dog Cart, which you can find every week at the Flint Farmers Market. Mayor Bishop used to be the owner of a sporting goods shop and, to bring in new customers, he decided to purchase a hot dog cart to put outside of his business on Main Street.

The hot dog cart became so popular that Tim had to choose between the store and the cart, and he chose the cart. But, if he gave up the store, where would he park the cart?

You can find Tim and his dogs at the Flint Farmer's Market, where he can sell up to 500 hot dogs every Saturday. He uses Koegel's, of course. And when he's not at the Farmer's Market, he's across from the Secretary of State downtown, feeding hungry patrons and employees.

Big thanks to B Dogs Hot Dog Cart and the Mayor of Davison, Tim Bishop, for taking the time on a steamy hot Monday afternoon to feed the people who were at the peaceful protest. He could've charged for hot dogs and people would've bought them, but he gave them out for free because he's a good guy. Thanks, Tim.

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