We've been reading so many stories about drag racing and the dangers of it in the last couple of months. Last month, there was the incident of the boy that got hit at a race and police were thinking about charging the father for bringing him to the race in the first place. Many people were torn saying the races are good and bad, but now a new ordinance has been passed, according to WNEM.

Flint City Council members passed the ordinance, which allows police to take and give heavy penalties for cars used in drag racing. The charge for obtaining an impounded vehicle would be the choice of paying a $900 fee or giving up the vehicle.

Council members believe this is a solution to the ongoing problem, especially with police recently arresting several people involved in drag racing. But, will this really help?

What do you think about drag racing? Do you think it's a problem or a bad thing that goes on around here? Some residents argue that it's better for people to participate in this activity because it gets them off the streets and it's a place for people to go to. Do you think this new ordinance will make a difference?