A lot of people think that farmers' markets are only open when it's harvest season.  That might be true for some markets, but not the Flint Farmers' Market.  Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays all year long - you can find many fresh and delicious treats at the Flint Farmers' Market.   If knowing where your food comes from is important to you, the Flint Farmer's Market is a place you should frequent.   Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables,  meats, eggs, cheeses, baked goods, plus beer and wine can be found there any time of year.  You'll also find books, knick-knacks, art and a restaurant to enjoy breakfast or lunch.  Located just west of I-475 and the Flint Cultural Center, it's a place you should visit when you venture into downtown Flint.

photo by stu allen

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