Several members of the Flint District Library Board of Trustees have proposed a budget which includes closing three branches, including Cody, North Flint and West Flint.  They're also looking at other changes to reduce other library costs.

Last week, the library millage passed, but it won't go into effect until July 2012. Already the library has closed the main branch on Monday's and they've cut several hours because it costs so much money to keep open.

According to Director of Libraries Kay Schwartz, the library has already lost so much money:

"The Flint Public Library's revenue loss has been shocking-more than $1 million in two years. The most discouraging news was received in March from the City of Flint tax assessor that even after our millage rate increase in July 2012, our tax revenue will remain down more than $1 million and is likely to decline even further."

The library doesn't want the closings to happen and they're still trying to find other ways to get revenue for the library. They're one more organization that is facing major budget problems. Before any decisions are made, a public budget hearing will take place on Thursday, June 9 at 5pm at the Main Library. A board meeting will be held right after, which the public is also invited to attend.

This is sad if they actually have to close three libraries. The community relies so much on them and not just for books and movies. They have access to computers, programs and other events, which means less options for people.

Do you think this is the only way the library could save money? Will you attend the budget hearing?

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