Amidst the announcement of the state's closings of free water sites, a local church is stepping up to help. 

As the news broke on Friday, videos and pictures were uploaded to social media of the still-very-active water sites.

Needless to say, residents aren't happy. But leave it to Flint residents to step up AGAIN in a time of crisis - First Trinity Baptist Church on Beach St. will still be providing free water for the community.

The post on the Flint Strong Facebook page, which was also shared by the church's pastor, says:

NOTICE: First Trinity Baptist Church will be providing FREE water to local citizens regardless of the actions of the state to stop doing so!

You can pick up free water weekly, Tuesday thru Thursday, from 10am to 2pm at:

First Trinity Baptist Church
1226 Beach St
Flint, MI 48502

Shout out to Pastor Ezra Tillman, First Lady Catrina Tillman and the believers at First Baptist for standing with the people

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