And it's all thanks to online support from the #SaveFlintChallenge.

After announcing last month that they would be forced to stop distributing cases of water, the West Court Street Church of God will be able to start their water program again.

They will be giving out two cases of water to each family that comes by starting this Saturday at noon. And strangely enough, it's because of...the GoFundMe for the border wall. Well, sorta.

Once funding for "The Wall" started, people began pointing out that Flint still doesn't have all of its pipes replaced. And then, celebrities like Ben Stiller jumped on the wagon and started donating money. The GoFundMe for Flint water that had been defunct for some time was back in full swing, and this has funded the water distributions that had stopped just last month.

They still need a forklift to haul the water off the truck, so if that's something you can provide, you can contact the church at 810-238-2631.

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