A flight attendant on a flight from Detroit to Nashville went above and beyond for an elderly passenger, and it was noticed.

Since the post has gone viral, we've now found out that the man's name is Jeffrey Jones, and he lives in Atlanta.

He was working on Delta flight 2721 this past Monday, and he escorted an elderly woman who was sitting in coach to first class - she has Parkinson's. For the entirety of the flight, he checked on her, patted her on the back to reassure her.

When the woman who posted this to Facebook, Sharon Radcliffe, saw him escorting her to the restroom, she asked if he needed help. He declined, saying that his grandma has Parkinson's and he's well-versed in how to be a caretaker.

When she got off the flight, she said to him, "I am a nurse, and I am so impressed with how you took care of that lady. My mother is a very young 70 years old and is a newly diagnosed Parkinson's patient. I hope one day someone treats her as well as you treated that lady!"

Lovely story, lovely man. The elderly often get looked over, disease or none. Wonderful of him to show her some special attention.

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