Most everyone dreads the trip to the local grocery store, so we decided to help make your next shopping trip a bit less stressful. Grocery stores can be crowded, unorganized (in the mind of the shopper) and just a pain in the neck. Check out the five tips below.

  1. Always go to the same store. By doing so you learn the store's layout, aisles and product placement.
  2. Plan your shopping trip with ample time so you don't feel rushed.
  3. Always make a shopping list, and stick to that list. This saves from unwanted spending, as well as organizing your trip.
  4. Plan your trip when you know the store will be less busy. Weekend nights and mornings are usually the busiest -- try a Tuesday or Wednesday evening.
  5. Go shopping alone. Leave the kids at home, as they can be a distraction; shopping alone you only have to worry about yourself.

Try these easy tips to help make your grocery shopping a stress-free trip.

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