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Cancer has become the leading cause of death for firefighters. As startling as that fact may be to you and me, it hit Joe Warne especially hard. Warne is a firefighter with the Macomb Township Fire Department and has found a unique way to help his fellow enginemen.

Joe is walking. The 11-year veteran firefighter set out this morning (9/24) on a 140-mile trek across Michigan to raise awareness and money for Michigan firefighters and their families.

“We got to do something really stupid to bring awareness to this,” Warne said. “I can walk across the state in my bunker gear.”

So Warne created what is now known as the 'Red 140.' This morning he put on 60 pounds of gear and set out from the Macomb Township Fire Station on his way to the Cascade Township Fire Station near Grand Rapids. He's expected to conclude his journey on Sunday afternoon (9/27).

Last year Joe raised more than $32,000 on the Red 140's inaugural walk. Bob Seger and Chevy Trucks also made generous contributions to the cause.

Warne didn't plan on making the walk an annual event until cancer struck close to home.

"As soon as we passed all that money out, my captain who had just retired and a great guy I look up to a lot, he had just retired and got lymphoma," Warne told Fox 17. "And that right there said, we have to do it again."

To contribute, you can visit Neighbors United's website or Facebook page.

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