Time now for a ludicrous summer warning to freak out every dog owner: Apparently, fetching sticks can kill your dog.

According to some veterinarians, splinters in your dog's mouth from fetching sticks can cause them to choke, bleed to death, or develop a lethal infection.

Even if that doesn't happen, surgery to remove multiple nasty splinters can cost thousands of dollars.  And, more serious or deadly injuries can occur if your dog runs full-tilt with their mouth open toward a stick you threw that got jammed in the ground.

Robin Hargreaves is the president of the British Veterinary Association, and he says, quote,

Never throw sticks for dogs.  Even if you do it now, never do it again.  It is a violent incident that causes real damage.

So instead, you're supposed to use fake bones, rubber balls, or a Frisbee.

Oh, and as far as the infection thing goes, you probably wouldn't notice until your dog started to seem depressed.  By that time the infection would have become really serious, not to worry you more or anything...

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