A father and his daughter have been reunited in St. Louis after the little girl was abducted from their home in Michigan last week.

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"I'm happy now," the girl's father tells KSDK-TV. "I got my baby back."


What Happened to the Little Girl?

Officials with the St. Louis FBI and the St. Louis police department believe someone who knew the family was responsible for the abduction.

The father and the little girl were playing at their home in Michigan last week when someone broke into the home.

An FBI agent explained at a news conference that three men entered the home while the father and the 6-year-old girl were present. One of the men pulled a pistol and threatened the father. He then fired the weapon in the father's direction but missed and killed the family dog.

Then a woman entered the residence and snatched up the little girl.

Jay Greenburg is the St. Louis FBI agent who conducted the press conference.

"This was not a stranger kidnapping, there were some previously existing relationships here," Greenburg said. "Due to the fact that we have a minor involved, we're not going to release all of the relationships involved."


Suspects May Have a Connection to the Michigan Family

Two people have been arrested in connection with the incident. Because of the sensitive nature of the case and to protect the child's identity, authorities are not disclosing the possible relationship that may exist between the suspects and the family in Michigan.


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