THIS *clap* IS *clap* SO *clap* GREAT!

We're huge proponents of adults with special needs, since we have a 12-year-old son on the Autism spectrum. And we couldn't love this story more!

There's a school in Farmington, Michigan, that has 75 students who range in age from 18-26. It's called
Farmington Public Schools Visions Unlimited. Did you know that Michigan is the ONLY STATE that provides free, public education for adults with special needs beyond high school? We had no idea!

The students have many different afflictions, from autism to severe cognitive impairments. But ALL of them have jobs, working off-site at restaurants, car dealerships, etc.

Not only do they learn how to cook, clean and live on their own, but they also make their own products and sell them to the community - i.e. they make their own paper and sell cards.

This is AMAZING what they're doing for these young adults!

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