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This was just like that time when Winnie the Pooh got his head stuck in a honey jar. Well, almost.

A Wisconsin family rescued a baby bear who had his head stuck in a plastic cheese puffs container. (You know how hard it is to get those last few crumbs, don't you?)

The hurt family was on an evening fishing trip when they spotted what appeared to be a log floating on Marshmiller Lake near Bloomer, Wisconsin. As they approached, they saw that it was actually a bear with a plastic jug stuck on his head.

“Winnie’s cousin,” Brian Hurt laughed as he spoke with KARE-TV.

Several people had made reports of a bear in this predicament in the days preceding the rescue.

Tricia Hurt was able to capture the moment when her husband pulled the jug off the creature's head.

“When I was right over top of it and pulling on it, you could hear the bear huffing and breathing very hard, just gasping for air,” he said.

Then the bear swam to shore, where the Hurt family says it plopped down from exhaustion. Tricia Hurt said she was not about to share the boat with the bear.

“I was like, ‘If the bear comes in, I'm going out,’” she said with a laugh.


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