A woman has filed a complaint with United Airlines, after she and her family were kicked off a flight because of her "disruptive" daughter with autism.

Dr. Donna Beegle from Oregon was returning home from a trip to Disney World when her 15-year-old daughter, who has autism, became agitated because she was hungry during a layover.

Beegle had asked flight attendants several times if she could purchase a first-class meal for her daughter, and eventually they complied. Her daughter ate, was quietly watching a movie, when the pilot announced that they would be making an emergency landing in Salt Lake City because of a passenger behavior issue. She had no idea, until they landed, that the passenger was her daughter.

In the video, you can hear passengers calling the move "ridiculous." Here's the full story from NBC.

Beegle says that she has filed complaints with United (who stands by the pilot's decision) and the FAA and plans to sue - not for money, but for staff to receive more training.

As the parent of an autistic child, this is appalling. Do they land the plane when toddlers throw a tantrum, or when babies are crying? No. So why now? Kudos to this mom for bringing attention to the issue, and not making it a money-grab.


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