Governor Gretchen Whitmer has approved an extra food assistance payment to help families in need this holiday season. Michiganders don't have to sign any extra paperwork and should see a payment between Nov 13th and Nov 23rd.

This couldn't have come at a better time as prices on food have increased drastically over the past year. Inflation has done some serious damage to wallets this holiday season but luckily our Governor is taking this into account and is looking to help provide a safety net for Michigan families. 

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More than 1.26 million Michiganders, nearly 700,000 households, will receive additional food assistance benefits.


“My top priority every day is making life easier for Michigan families, and that is especially true as we enter the holiday season,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “By delivering additional relief to Michigan families on their grocery bills, we can ease financial burdens for Michiganders, drive down costs, and put more money in people’s pockets as we all look forward to gathering with our loved ones over the holidays.

I'm a fond believer that no American should ever go hungry.  It's easy to forget about those around us that are in a less than fortunate financial situation and can't afford to experience a plentiful holiday meal with their family.  I've experienced that first hand growing up in Flint. On some holidays we didn't have much. My mom tried but due to her physical limitations, she could only provide so much to a house full of kids.

So when I see an opportunity to help feed families I'm all for it. Every household is different, and no kids should have to go through a holiday on an empty stomach. This is a big win in my book for our Governor...


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