A former Flint fire chief is suing Mayor Sheldon Neely, claiming he was terminated from his position because he refused to lie on the mayor's behalf.

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Raymond Barton was fired from his position as Flint Flint Chief in November of last year. He says his termination stems from the aftermath of a house fire that occurred in the city of Flint last May.

What Are the Details?

Former Chief Barton claims he was fired after he refused to lie and falsify reports after the fatal house fire last year.

Two firefighters claimed to have searched the upstairs of the home and didn't find anyone. Subsequently, two other firefighters searched the top level of the home and found two boys.

The second set of firefighters rescued the boys from the building but the children ultimately died about a week later.

The chief says he determined that the original firefighters were lying, but claims the mayor wanted him to falsify reports, claiming that he was instructed to change his findings and recommendations.

Barton refused and claims he was given an ultimatum by Neely. He refused to lie and was fired nine days later. Barton had been with the Flint Fire Department for 30 years.

"I explained to him when he gave me the option to be fired or resign that I hadn’t done anything, I have always followed his direction - but at this time I refused to lie for him," said Barton.

Barton is suing the mayor for $10 million. He tells Detroit's Fox 2 that he ultimately wants to have his name cleared.

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