If you're interested in adopting, applications need to be in by 3 PM today.

It's that time of the year again - Bissell is sponsoring their annual Empty The Shelters event at our very own Genesee County Animal Control. The event is from 10-2 PM tomorrow.

The company pays for adoption fees at over 100 shelters in 14 states during the event; license fees ARE required, however, and so is an application.

You can pick one up at the GCAC, or you can print one off and drop it off by clicking HERE.

A friendly reminder that pets cost money on a regular basis - food, vet check-ups, grooming, etc. So while the adoption is free, please remember that they are a financial long-term commitment. Trust me, I know. My cat from the Humane Society eats me out of house and home. ;)

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