A Canadian man was fired from his job after he complained on Twitter about the lame holiday gift he received from his employer. The gift? A $6 bottle of BBQ sauce.

Hussien Mehaidli was a general manager for Fastenal, which is a US-based wholesaler of construction materials. The company, which also operates in Canada, gave its Canadian employees a bottle of hickory-flavored "Get Sauced" barbecue sauce and a wooden barbecue scraper with the company's logo. Mehaidli tells CTV that in the past the company has given its employees goodie boxes filled with junk food.

He tweeted that the company's US employees were given better holiday gifts this year.

“What kind of multi billion dollar company gifts it's (sic) Canadian employees barbecue sauce as a holiday gift? Yet the USA employees stuff their face with an actual holiday gift box!”

Mehaidli says he was fired ten days later.

I have news for you, sir:  Your employer does not owe you a Christmas gift. Whether you're given a cash bonus, an Applebee's gift card, or a bottle of BBQ sauce, here's your response:  "Thank you for the Christmas gift. I really appreciate it."

Look around. Companies are struggling and we are regularly hearing about retail business closings and layoffs. My advice for this gentleman would have been "shut your pie hole and enjoy the BBQ sauce."

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