This is a prime example of a person who has been a victim in her life taking back control. Elizabeth Smart is taking a job with ABC News as a commentator focusing on missing persons and child abduction cases. Read more about her new job after the jump.

The Utah woman who was kidnapped from her bedroom at knife point, raped and held captive at age 14 by a Salt Lake City street preacher, can provide viewers with a unique perspective, network spokeswoman Julie Townsend told The Associated Press on Thursday.

A deal with the now 23-year-old has been in the works for several months and she could be on the air within the next few weeks, Townsend said.

She and her father, Ed Smart, also used the news conference to highlight several missing persons cases and talked about the creation of the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, which will focus on protecting children from falling victim to kidnapping and sexual crimes. Imagine that, reporting based on real life experience, should be good.