They're welcoming back a groundskeeper who was recently vacated of his conviction.

DNA evidence proved that 49-year-old Nevest Coleman did NOT, in fact, commit the rape and murder that he had spent the last 23 years in prison for. He had originally confessed but then recanted it. When DNA tests linked the murder to a serial rapist, he was released from prison last November.

The judge also granted him a certificate of innocence, which erases his criminal record.

When he walked out of a Cook County prison, he had two requests - a hamburger, and to go back to working for the White Sox, a job he had held before he was wrongly convicted.

His family had reached out to the White Sox organization, and they gave him an interview...and his job back.

Classy move on the part of the Sox! Now, if my hometown team can get back to WINNING, that would be greeeeaaaat.

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