This guy sucks at fantasy football and now he must tell the world.

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Sometimes one's friends can be brutal. It's not bad enough that this guy is no good at the game, his punishment is carrying a sign telling the good people of Dearborn, Michigan all about his shortcomings and failures.

The gentleman (who we have already established sucks at fantasy football) is observed standing outside the N. J. Diamonds store which is located near the intersection of Ford Rd. and Schaefer Rd. in Dearborn.

His sign reads:

"I suck at Fantasy Football. Honk to shame me," with the word 'Honk' highlighted in red.

There is a bit of honking going on in the video below. But it's unclear if that honking is directed at our poor victim or just ordinary traffic in that normally-busy area.

The clip was posted on the TCD Dearborn community Facebook page.

Fortunately, it looks like the guy (the one who sucks at fantasy football) is taking it all in stride and smiling while he's enduring his friends' punishment.

This is Nothing New

This isn't the first punishment of its kind. Remember the man from Greenville, Michigan who was forced to wear a dress and hat while carrying a purse to show the world how bad he was at fantasy football? It's here if you need to refresh your memory.

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