I would imagine by now you have heard people say these two words 'drunk dialing',maybe it's something you've done yourself. But, have you ever tried to do it with a pack of cigarettes?

Britain’s Sun newspaper reports a drunk driver in Russia pulled over by police tried to make a call with a pack of cigarettes he thought was a cell phone. Cops pulled over the would-be Marlboro Man after noticing he was driving erratically. When they stopped his vehicle, the man pretended his hand was a cell phone and he began trying to yak away. As always it was caught on video, take a look after the jump.When the driver correctly realized his hand does not have any sort of 3G capability, he reached into his pocket and scooped out a pack of cigarettes, which he proceeded to treat like the newest iPhone by calling a friend to ask for help.

Cops, meanwhile, stood by watching in disbelief. Eventually, the driver wrapped up his pseudo-conversation by telling the imaginary person on the line to “just deal with the situation.” He then hung up before passing out.