Didn't get that promotion? Things not going well at work? Check out yourself in the mirror for a clue.

There is a new survey out that suggests that the way you dress at work may be distracting your employer and dimming your chances for advancement.

More than 600 white-collar employees took part in a survey and the results suggest that   women may want to reconsider showing off cleavage, wearing short skirts and parading around the office in see-through clothing.

Men should not be wearing shorts or flip-flops if they hope to really get ahead in their profession. In fact, 55 percent of women said they find them distracting on men and 46 percent of senior management say they are distracting on women.

The survey also found that senior managers claim exposed cleavage is a big distraction, and also that wearing short skirts should never occur in the workplace.

Other unacceptable fashion choices include bare legs, spaghetti straps, tight clothing and the ever-so-popular trend of tattoos, which 61 percent of those over the age of 50 said are a distraction in the workplace.

However, if you happen to be all inked up, don’t let the man get you down — nearly 67 percent of senior management ages 35 to 49 said tattoos were acceptable.


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