Some people have to learn the hard way we suppose.


We're pretty sure when Donald Trump said "Make America Great Again" he did not mean giving you 20 million dollars. But according to a new email scam going around it's the first lady attempting to give you a whole bunch of money.

The phenom of "fake news" was mainly centered around money since the get go. False stories are posted on websites, people read and share them, they then garner a lot of web traffic and in turn they (the website/fake new authors) turn those clicks into ad revenue.

Now riding that wave is a new, yet old, email scam targeting supports of President Trump. The classic "deposed prince from Nigeria" scam has been retooled to come from First Lady Melania Trump. There are a thousand red flags here, like the fact the email address has a Japan based server and the author claims that Mrs. Trump lives in the White House when she resides in New York City. But alas some people want to believe so bad that they have seven figures coming your way.

Don't be a victim.

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