Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic is great. It forces us to make the bed every day, since I'm required to participate in a video staff meeting every morning. (Our home office area is right at the foot of the bed -- which means I may hold the world record for the shortest commute.)

But there are disadvantages to working at home as well. I broadcast from noon to 4 pm each day so a little quiet might be nice. But I have a neighbor who loves to mow the lawn. And when I say "loves," I mean "loooooooooves." And then there's my kid who loooooooooves his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

My struggle is not unique.

Many people, including TV news personalities, have set up shop at home in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We applaud that, by the way.

Ordinarily, your family pet lurking, barking, or wanting some attention during the workday isn't a problem. But for broadcasters who've resorted to working from home, it's a bit of a challenge.

An entertaining challenge.

We've found several videos of pets that are now a regular part of TV newscasts. Our favorite is a golden retriever named Brody, who may have eclipsed owner Paul Dellegatto's popularity. Dellegatto is a meteorologist at Fox 13 TV in Tampa Bay, Florida but we think Brody steals the show.

In the second video below, we don't get to see KSDK St. Louis Scott Connell's dog, but we certainly do hear him -- a lot.

And then there's Monica Adams' dog who is bound and determined to be a part of her owner's newscasts.

These dogs have become a bright spot in this pandemic.



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