Working from home comes with its share of challenges. And it's not just a wonky internet connection or not having access to important work files. Sometimes beloved family members who are now also sharing our workspace can disrupt our workflow.

A reporter in Florida found out how much fun it is to work at home when her father walked into the shot while he was in the process of putting on a shirt.

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Jessica Lang is a reporter for the Suncast News Network. She recruited her mom as a camera operator while attempting to do a report from the family's kitchen. We can only guess that Jessica sensed something was awry because of the look on her mom's face. The reporter cut herself off mid-sentence, thinking her mother had ruined the report.

"What did you do, Mom?' she said before realizing her father was to blame. "Dad! Holy crap."

Luckily, this wasn't a live shot, but Lang shared it on Twitter with the caption, "Work from home they said, it'll be fine they said."

We feel you, Jessica. The Cars 108 staff has been working from home since Michigan's Stay Home Stay Safe initiative went into effect. What's that in the background? Pat & Aj's cats? My son binge-watching Tiger King?

Patience. We're in this together.

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