It's been a long two years for this fur mom, but she and her dawg are about to be reunited.

Yes, two years. That's how long Laura Young has been away from her sweet pup, Snowball.

Laura lives in Southern California and was visiting her son in Coleman, Michigan in Midland County. She brought her Australian Shepherd Snowball with her and, in true escape-artist fashion, decided to go for a run. Laura never found him in time and ended up leaving to go back home.

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She checked Coleman and Mount Pleasant social media sites religiously to see if anybody had found Snowball with no luck. She thought that he hadn't made it through the winters.

And then, Snowball started appearing on Midland County social media pages. A resident was able to lure him in with food, and he was scanned for a microchip. The microchip had old information on it, but they were able to track down Laura.

Snowball is now being treated at a local vet and will be fostered until they can get her back to California. A member of Midland County Pit Stop posted about the amazing story (Snowball had been renamed Patches).



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