Some people who are, by their very nature, shy and inhibited. That is until they start drinking. The use, or abuse, of alcohol give the shy and inhibited personalities more of the social graces to come out of their shell in our society.

At the University of Pittsburg some curious minds wanted to find out if alcohol reallydoes make it easier for people to be more social.

Researchers put strangers together in groups of three and told them they were studying how alcohol affected the execution of certain tasks. What they were actually studying was how a few drinks influenced the participant’s interactions with each other.

However, not all of the groups were given alcohol. One group was intentionally given vodka, another cranberry juice, and the third group, a virgin cocktail.

Researchers found that the cranberry and vodka tribe seemed to have a better time and got along better with each other than the other two groups.

So, while drinking in moderation does appear to break down some societal walls, we really don't know if the shy and inhibited personalities would have become obnoxious and loud if they had gone past the moderate level. Looks like time for another study.


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