Think of the tips you'd get being a delivery driver!

It's now legal in the state of Michigan for liquor stores (does anybody still call them that? *ahem* party stores) to delivery liquor, beer and wine. All they have to obtain is a special license.

Party store owners say that patrons have been requesting this for years, and the hope is that it will cut down on drunk driving.

Customers will call and place their order. Before it's processed, store owners will check their ID via an app. Their ID will also be checked once the delivery is made. It's also been made very clear that anybody caught breaking the law, or any delivery drivers breaking the law, will be dealt with.

Also, if you're drunk when the driver shows up, you won't be served. There will be a small fee, much like that of a pizza delivery.

I don't know about you, but I tip great after I've had a beer or two. This could be a lucrative job opportunity!

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