What do you get when you mix "Back To The Future," "Star Wars," "The Time Machine," "Star Trek," and "Highlander"?  The longest-running science-fiction TV series of all-time!  First broadcast on November 23, 1963 on BBC One, "Doctor Who" celebrates its 50th anniversary this Saturday (11/23).

My Uncle Joe got me hooked on the show earlier this year, and I am so glad he did.  If you're not familiar with The Doctor, one companion describes him best as "terrifying, brilliant, and fun... sometimes all at once!" He is a Time Lord, an alien race of travelers who move through space and time.  He roams the universe in his sentient spaceship called the TARDIS, which stands for Time And Relative Dimention In Space.  Time Lords also have a unique ability to regenerate if their bodies are damaged and near death, but as far as we know they can only do this 12 times.

The first series ran from 1963 until 1989 where we saw the adventures of doctors one through seven.  Although the series was cancelled, the American fan base sparked a sequel to the series on the big screen in 1996 where we saw the seventh become the eighth.  The show returned to BBC in 2005 and picked up with the ninth doctor.  The show is still in production and will broadcast its 50th anniversary special called "The Day Of The Doctor" at the same time world-wide so that the entire planet can experience it together.

It will air at 2:50pm Eastern on BBC America with no commercial interruptions.  If you are curious and want to get a taste of this "timey-whimey" sci-fi/comedy/thriller/drama, just turn on BBC America this week as they are running a week-long Doctor Who Marathon!  You will most likely be able to find on your TV provider's on demand service, or on Netflix.

If you want to really feel the experience, you can catch a special 3D showing on the big screen at Rave (formerly Showcase) Cinema at I-75 and Corunna Road on Monday, November 25th at 7:30 and 10:00pm.

Check out the previews for "The Day Of The Doctor" and get ready for an adventure like no other!