I picked out something I want for Christmas, my wife picked out a gift for herself. We unceremoniously placed our own online order, and used a joint credit card. Maybe it's because we've come to a certain age, or because Mrs. McIntyre and I have been married for a bazillion years now, or maybe we have just gotten picky.

Are we lacking the Christmas spirit? Eh, maybe a little, but we'll each get something we want, and we won't spend money frivolously.

Do you pick out any of your own gifts?

Denise wants a bracelet with birthstones representing all the kids. Of course she'll love it, she picked it out.

I want this cool new tech gadget that combines all my credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and whatnot into one electronic card. It's called 'Coin', and it emulates said cards so I can ditch the George Costanza wallet. (If the reference is lost on you, the Jason Alexander character on Seinfeld carried around a billfold that was slightly larger than a cheeseburger, and slightly smaller than his 1983 Chrysler Le Baron.)

So yeah, this tech nerd is geeked about picking out a Christmas present (that sadly won't be delivered until next summer) that will keep me from putting folded napkins under my left butt cheek. (Another Seinfeld reference)

So what are you picking out for yourself?

- George McIntyre
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