Officials in Oakland County have confirmed that an adult has been diagnosed with measles, which brings the national case count to 100. Michigan is added to the list of six other states – Utah, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Nebraska and Arizona – that have reported cases since a young woman ("patient zero"), fell ill at Disneyland just before Christmas. However, most of the cases are centralized in California.

Here's something I didn't know - you can get the measles, even if you've been vaccinated. At least five of the 70 cases in California were vaccinated. You can read more about the measles outbreak HERE.

Everybody freaking out about Ebola late last year, and I'm not gonna lie...this worries me a LOT more. Not even for my son, because he was vaccinated in 2007. But I was vaccinated in 1983, before the second booster shot was available. Does the measles outbreak worry you?

David McNew via Getty Images
David McNew via Getty Images


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