For over four of his short six years on earth, Rhett Krawitt has been battling leukemia. His finished chemotherapy last year, and his doctors say he's in remission...but he's not able to be vaccinated for diseases. So his father is taking action.

Rhett and his family live in Marin County, California. The county has one of the highest rates of unvaccinated children in the state, due to "personal belief exemption." Because of his leukemia, he is not able to be vaccinated. So his father, Carl, has asked his school to make sure that ALL of the children in Rhett's class are vaccinated. Furthermore, he's taking action with the superintendent to make sure that children who are NOT vaccinated are not allowed at school.

Carl Krawitt says, "If you choose not to immunize your own child and your own child dies because they get measles, OK, that's your responsibility, that's your choice. But if your child gets sick and gets my child sick and my child dies, then ... your action has harmed my child."

Honestly, I don't fault parents who don't have their children vaccinated. They were bombarded with false and dangerous information, and they made a decision based on the well-being of their child. HOWEVER...that information has been proven to be false. So now, there's no excuse not to have your healthy child vaccinated.

You can read the full NPR story HERE.

via Carl Krawitt
via Carl Krawitt



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