You'd think, with the measles outbreak that originated at Disneyland, they'd give everybody a coupon or something!

Mark Ashman via Getty Images

Nope. No discounts for the mouse. Effective as of yesterday, Disney theme parks have hiked their ticket prices again.

If you're looking to visit Disneyworld in Florida, expect to pay $105 per ticket per person ages 10 & up. That's up from $99. If you're visiting the original home of the measles outbreak (Disneyland in California), it'll cost you $99. That's up from $96.

Of course, Disney has NOT been suffering financially. As of the end of last year, their revenue raised 9% to $3.9 billion. A spokesperson for the company says that the continuous price hikes reflect the new attractions that they're adding, and that customers can purchase multi-day passes to save money.

Thanks for the tip. It's still unaffordable for most people to go.

You can read more about the prices hikes HERE.