It finally happened! The clocks and calendars have aligned! The Future is NOW!!


2015 actually came through with Pepsi Perfect, several variations of the Hoverboard, and even the self-lacing Nike Air Mags may be on the market before you know it. Many of us were longing for the 2015 that was portrayed in 'Back To The Future Part Two', knowing full well that a lot of it would still be far-fetched, like fusion generators and flying DeLoreans. But how far-fetched is it?

Toyota's new video reunites Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox with several iconic shooting locations, including Hill Valley High School, the Courthouse complete with the clock tower stuck at 10:04, the McFly Home and more. So did Toyota do all of this just for 'Back To The Future' Day? Nope! It looks like the scientists at Toyota made Mr. Fusion a reality!