Christopher Lloyd

Back To The Future Prequel
A key component of time travel was the plutonium needed to generate 1.21 gigawatts of power. So how did Doc obtain the plutonium? The 'Back To The Future' prequel tells the riveting story!
A Flick You’ll Be Drawn To – Movie Trivia
This 1988 release stars Bob Hoskins as a private investigator trying to solve a murder, as an innocent bystander is setup and accused of the crime.  Set in the year 1947, can you solve this mystery for a chance to win NCG Trillium passes?
What Does A Yellow Light Mean? [VIDEO]
Long before Christopher Lloyd inspired our imagination as Dr. Emmett Brown from "Back To The Future," or "Roger Rabbit's" Judge Doom, he had us in stitches as Reverend Jim Ignatowski from the classic TV series "Taxi."
My son asked me the other day what a yellow traffic l…