Motown ranks number one in Forbes Magazine's list of 'America's Most Miserable Cities' released Thursday. Flint takes the number two spot, Warren is seventh.

Analysts based their findings on nine factors, including violent crime, home prices, foreclosures, and taxes. They also considered 'quality of life' factors such as weather and commute times to compile the list.

"I get angry every time I see one of these lists," Flint Mayor Dayne Walling told Cars 108's Rod & Steph. "I can talk about the state of Michigan, and all these other things, but there's no excuse for us to be number one or number two on these kind of lists."

Hear more of Mayor Walling's thoughts on Flint's ranking here.

Miami topped the list last year; Detroit and Flint followed at number two and three respectively.

Click here for further details on America's Most Miserable Cities.

What do you think? Did Forbes get it right, ranking Detroit and Flint as the two most miserable cities in the US?

- George McIntyre
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