We were all finally ready for baseball to be back and the Detroit Tigers had started preparing for the short, yet appreciated, season. Some will say it was just a matter of time, but it has in fact happened.

The Detroit Tigers club has members that have tested positive for COVID-19. Tigers general manager Al Avila confirmed this week the news, though he reiterated the organization’s policy not to release their names to the public.“The health and safety of Detroit Tigers personnel is our top priority. Our players, coaching staff and the front office are being closely monitored by our medical staff to ensure Major League Baseball’s return-to-play health protocols are being followed," Avila said in a statement

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Avila went on to say,"We’ve had individuals that tested positive for COVID-19, and who were isolated, retested, and passed the protocols to permit them to resume baseball activities. Those individuals that are currently positive are being closely monitored by our medical staff and we hope to have them back on the field soon."

Avila said that two employees , one player and one staff member, had tested positive for the coronavirus. Avila said the player was not based at the team’s spring training headquarters in Lakeland, Florida, and the staff member was not a part of the baseball operations department.

Although they would not formally name names, starting pitcher was put on the injured list  this week and decided to speak out. With the Tiger's placing him on a 10 day injured list without stating the nature of the injury usually indicated a positive for coronavirus. Norris spoke out saying, “I don’t care if you say I’ve got COVID,” Norris said in a text Thursday. “People thinking I’m hurt again is tough to swallow since it’s been the story of my career. I am healthy and ready to rock as soon as I get some good news.” Norris tested positive for the virus in recent weeks, he said, but he has not experienced symptoms for more than a week.

The MLB announced on Friday that 38 of 3,185 samples from uniformed personnel (1.5%) were positive for the coronavirus. The MLB players are being tested every other day. The Detroit Tigers started spring training back up the beginning of the month. Their first game with be July 21, 2020 against the Kansas City Royals.  They will take the mound at home for the first time on July 27th when they will then host the Royals.


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