Paws - that loveable character you see milling around Comerica Park on a warm summer day - is at the top of the list of America's favorite team mascots.

Get Ready to Play Ball!

Tiger bats can sometimes be a little hotter at the beginning of the season, fading out quickly in subsequent months.

But offense and defense have nothing to do with this survey. YouGovAmerica surveyed baseball fans across the United States, without any regard to playoff potential or any team's likelihood of making it to the World Series.

Paws on Top

First, let's eliminate the Angels, the Dodgers, and the Yankees, who sadly don't have mascots.

That leaves 27 Major League teams that have mascots. YouGovAmerica surveyed 1,000 adults, showing them each two pictures of randomly-selected mascots. Each person was then asked to choose which mascot was better.

After some weighting (to ensure proper representation of various demographics) the results were tallied.

The bottom line, Paws rules. The Detroit Tigers' adorable mascot landed in the top spot with a 70.3 percent favorable score.

Our condolences to San Diego Padres fans, as the team's 'Swinging Friar' mascot came in at the bottom.

Fun Fact About Paws

Each year, Paws sports a Jersey with the year's two-digit year on it. However, Paws' number was '00' in 2011 and 2016, because the Tigers have retired the numbers 11 and 16 in honor of Sparky Anderson and Hal Newhouser respectively.


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