One year. JUST ONE YEAR after his accident.

17-year-old Sean English, a senior at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School, lost the lower half of his right leg in a car accident on April 2nd of last year. English and a doctor from Henry Ford had stopped on I-96 to help some teenagers that had rolled their SUV when they, themselves, were hit by a driver who lost control of his vehicle.

The doctor was killed and Sean underwent months of surgeries and rehabilitation. And then, last Wednesday, he returned to his love of running - he finished the 400-meter dash with a prosthetic leg.

He admits that he was in so much pain, he considered dropping out of the race. But he finished the race with teammates from his own and opposing team cheering him on.

And then his girlfriend gave him a sweet promposal after the race with a sign that said, "Now that you've bounced back will you run with me to PROM?"

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