Well, THAT escalated quickly, didn't it?

The former owner of the Detroit Popcorn Company, David Farber, has come out of retirement to buy the business back after backlash from a social media post made by the previous owner.

Evan Singer was the owner of the company for about a year. Recently, he posted on social media about the protests and Black Lives Matter (his alias on FB is Even Sangria).

The previous owner has decided to come out of retirement and purchase the company back from Singer, who co-owned the company from 2015-2019 and purchased it last year.

“I was very disheartened and disappointed in what Mr. Singer wrote on Facebook. I don’t tolerate racism in any form, ever. Detroit Popcorn Company is closed in the short term until we can assess the best way to move forward and also facilitate a sale. Mr. Singer disrespected our community, customers, and employees. I could not tolerate this behavior at a company that I once owned, therefore, I decided to buy back the company.”

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