"At the start of the day and the end of the day we are humans, too. And we saw another human in need."

Officer Joel Dobis lives in Saginaw and is a police officer for the Detroit Police Department with his partner, Officer Eric Blackwell.

Recently, they responded to a call about a 14-year-old that had gone missing. When they got to the house, luckily, the teenager had already come home. They noticed that the other kids in the house were wearing jackets and hats inside, and the kids said that their mom had been unable to pay her energy bill this month.

They asked the kids when the last time was that they ate, and the kids said that it had been well over a day.

The officers found somebody to watch the kids and took the mother down to DTE and paid her bill for her. Afterwards, they took her grocery shopping.

Both officers said that they didn't want any recognition for their actions. Officer Dobis was also a former partner of recently fallen officer Rasheen McClain.

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