April Moss was in the middle of her normal weather forecast on CBS 62 in Detroit when she announced that she would be exposing discrimination by her employer.

Moss was giving her usual weather forecast on Sunday. She wished everyone a happy Father's Day, gave a few details about the weather, and then jumped into a statement that I can almost guarantee was NOT on the teleprompter. Moss has been a at CBS 62 since 2012 in many roles, and according to the station website, she is still employed there.

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So what exactly did Moss Say?

Moss was giving her normal weather forecast when she jumped in with an announcement that she would be talking to Project Veritas.

Speaking of a brand new week, I will be sitting down this week with Project Veritas to discuss the discrimination that CBS is enforcing on its employees. Tune into Project Veritas for my full story.

This statement came as smooth as silk during the normal weather forecast. After she made the announcement she just went on talking about the weather for the next day.

What is the discrimination Moss is talking about?

During the announcement, Moss did not say specifically what the alleged discrimination dealt with, but she has not been secretive about it elsewhere online. Moss started a fundraiser for herself on a site called Give Send Go. She explains what she is calling out on the fundraiser saying,

I felt led to stand up to the medical discrimination that was being enforced by ViacomCBS on its employees. The mandate for any individual to be tested for COVID19 for employment or participation at a university or other institution violates federal law.


Why is she talking to Project Veritas about the allegations?

Project Veritas has been described by some as a right wing propaganda group that has been banned by Twitter for spreading misinformation. The Veritas site talks about their mission being to expose the truth behind corruption in the media.

Project Veritas is still on other social media platforms, and recently published a YouTube video of Moss talking to a co-worker about what she said on the air. In the video, she talks about the risk of being let go because of what she said.


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