Floyd Dent, a longtime auto-industry employee with no criminal record, says that police in Inkster dragged him from his car and beat him during a routine traffic stop in January.

According to the police report, cops began following Dent from a motel that is known for high drug trafficking. Police said that Dent, whose license was suspended, ran a stop sign. He drove a few more blocks before pulling over.

At this point, when they approached the car, the report says that Dent leaned over to reach for something and threatened to kill the cop. One of the officers has been accused of misconduct, including civil rights abuses, in the past. The report also claims that there was cocaine in Dent's car. Dent says that the police planted it there. Read the full story from the Detroit Free Press HERE.

This is totally a "he said, she said" situation. I think the part of the story that is going to raise eyebrows to the victim is the cocaine under his seat. But still, he has no criminal record. Did the cops plant it? Was the beating justified? This is going to get really ugly, really fast.

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