Daylight Saving Time is here. We lost an hour of sleep this weekend, earning us the right to grumble about the time change for a few days. But is it permanent?

Rumors Fly Regarding Daylight Saving Time

You've probably heard rumors that Michigan's legislature has taken steps toward abolishing the twice-yearly time change. In fact, many states have taken measures to stay on Daylight Saving Time Permanently, a move that is often referred to as "lock the clock."

Michigan is indeed one of those states.

House Bill 4052, introduced in January 2021, would put Michigan on "permanent Daylight Saving Time," meaning we would 'spring forward' and never look back.

However, there are some hoops to jump through before that measure becomes the law of the land.

The bill also states that moving away from Daylight Saving Time each fall will take effect only if all of the states listed below are on board and decide to follow Daylight Saving Time year-round as well. Those five states are:

  • Wisconsin
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylva\nia

So in 2023, Daylight Saving Time is only temporary in Michigan as we will return to Standard Time on November 5.

So Where Do Other States Stand?

  • According to King-5, Wisconsin's last attempt to abolish DST was scrapped in 2017.
  • Seven bills were introduced in the Illinois House in 2021, but all of those bills have died without going to a vote in the state legislature.
  • Indiana currently has no pending legislation related to DST. The Hoosier State's counties are split between the Eastern and Central Times zones.
  • Ohio State Rep. Rodney Creech says he plans to introduce a bill that would make DST permanent. A similar bill in 2021 passed the House but was voted down by the State Senate.
  • In 2021, a measure to make DST permanent passed the Pennsylvania House but died in the State Senate.

Federal Law Stands in the Way

Regardless of legislation approved by any states on their own, none of those laws can take effect until the federal government repeals the Uniform Time Act of 1966. While the measure allows individuals to opt out of switching to Daylight Saving Time each year, it does not give states the power to establish permanent Daylight Saving Time.

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