Some NSFW in this video - do you think that Delta did the right thing? 

On a November 22nd Delta flight from Atlanta to Pennsylvania, a man stood in the aisle and started shouting at the entire plane. Included in his rant was, " "We got some Hillary b-tch-s on here?"

Six days after the video went viral on Facebook, the CEO of Delta released a statement, apologizing for the man's behavior, saying that he should've been removed from the flight.

Passengers will be refunded, and the man has been banned from Delta flights for life.

This video absolutely shocked me - I was scolded by a flight attendant a couple of weeks ago for walking our son to the restroom before the "seatbelt" sign was turned off. How, HOW did this guy get away with this without being yelled at? Kudos to the people on the plane. It's easy to ignore a political argument, but if he would've started calling people "b*tches" on MY flight, I don't think I would've controlled myself very well.

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