Hunters across this great state always anticipate the beginning of deer season. We are already into the bow hunting season, and hunting with firearms begins November 15th. While I am not a hunter, I too look forward to a drop in the number of deer... especially after a huge buck did a number on my car.

I was driving down Cook Road last night around 8:15 when out of nowhere the biggest deer I had ever seen jumped out of the woods and darted straight into the passenger side of my car. It all happened so fast. All I saw was antlers, and I didn't even have a chance to take my foot off the gas before it hit. It was so dark that I couldn't see where it went, but it certainly shook me up. I'm just grateful that my kids weren't in the car, because glass was all over the dashboard, the passenger seat and the car seat in the back.

Had it hit on the driver side, I would have likely suffered some minor injuries, but would have finally been able to get my duct-taped window fixed. I was shaken, but injury free. If only they had a deer crossing sign on the road so the buck would have known where to cross.